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Welcome to Hope of Chiang Mai Church, International Fellowship



To fulfill the Great Commission by building strong and Biblical people to build strong and biblical Churches in Chiang Mai, Thailand and all over the world. 


Our values reflect 23 building blocks to develop strong and biblical people and churches in Chiangmai. This is our philosophy of ministry.

1. Every Christian must obey the Great Commission
2. Every Christian is responsible to bring God's love to each nation
3. The church must have a part in planting other churches

Church Dynamics
4. The church must build covenantal relationships
5. The church is the centre of God's plan for humanity
6. The Bible emphasises the local church
7. There must be unity in the local church
8. The church must be in unity with the universal body
9. The church must work as a team
10. The church is both an organism and an organisation
11. The church must rely on God for support
12. The church must give relevance to spiritual gifts
13. The church must build church-based Bible schools

Church Leaders
14. Full time ministers must serve God fully first
15. Church leaders are not appointed by men but God
16. The pastor is the chief overseer of the church
17. Authority is given as a blessing
18. The church must emphasise on leadership development

Christian Life
19. Every Christian must follow God's will
20. Every Christian should serve God fully
21. Every Christian needs to receive spiritual covering
22. The church is a salt and light to the nation
23. The church is a place of security



231 M.6, Soi 2, T.Sanphranet, A.Sansai, Chiang Mai 50000
9:00 a.m.-12:00 noon
English translation via radio
Tel: 053-852434; 089 430 3728
Email: marcus@suksabai.com
I like to be in the children church because I love to worship God. I can still worship God even if worship in the main service is finished. Even if sometimes they are just few in number, it is still ok because the topic is interesting and also the memory verse. This makes me know God deeper, learn more about the bible and change my attitude.
Kids Rock Ministry

Testimony - 2
When I joined the Kids' Rock ministry I realized that it is fun to worship God with some companions though we are only three in the youth but we started to reach out and even visited some youths to join us.
While we worship God we sometimes do it into fun and enjoyable way like we sketch out how we can help the ministry of God to grow. Sometimes we have bonding in our newly recruited youth's house and we sing praise and worship songs.
I want to be in this ministry because I want to grow spiritually and grow in my relationship to God.
Kid Rock Ministry
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